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Kybella Double Chin Elimination

For an Improved Profile.

Many men and women have some amount of submental fullness—better known as a “double chin”—and sometimes no amount of diet and exercise can get rid of it. If you want to improve your profile and reduce the fat below your chin quickly, the Kybella™ treatment could be your solution!

Lose Your Double Chin Without Surgery or Downtime

Kybella is the only injectable treatment approved by the FDA to help improve the appearance of a double chin in adults. Using a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a natural compound made by the liver, Kybella treatments help to break down fats.

Treatments are fast and typically take about 15 minutes. During the procedure, a very fine needle is used to inject multiple tiny doses of deoxycholic acid into the skin. An average of 15-20 injections are usually needed, though some patients may require more. The number of required sessions is also dependent upon the patient, though most patients see results after 2-4 treatments.

It can take a few days for Kybella to be fully absorbed, but there is no downtime—you can immediately resume all normal activities! The effects are long lasting, too, and can last several years, depending on your lifestyle. 

Talk to the Anders Dermatology staff about Kybella. Call us at 419.473.3257 to schedule a consultation today!