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Why Glytone Peels Are Different from the Rest

A chemical peel is a cosmetic service known to remove dead skin cells and toxins from the face, revealing healthier and smoother skin. But there’s a type of chemical peel that stands out from the rest, otherwise known as the Glytone peel! Learn about the different Glytone peels available and how they can address your skin’s conditions.

Glytone Peels Are for Everyone

Being that everyone is different, peels are ideal in addressing problems for any skin type! These treatments are specially formulated and available in different strengths to best meet patients’ specific needs. Glytone peels can help people with aging, acne-prone and hyperpigmented skin—just to name a few concerns.

Glytone Peels: Toledo, Ohio

Glytone by Enerpeel: A Variety of Peels

The first step in getting the best results from your Glytone peel is identifying your skin’s problems. See the below skin concerns to learn which peels can help correct them!

Premature Aging and Aging Skin

  • Recommended Peel: Glytone by Enerpeel 40% Mandelic Peel
  • Expected Result: Reduces wrinkles and fine lines by increasing hydration and smoothness

Intermittent to Permanent Redness

  • Recommended Peel: Glytone by Enerpeel 40% Mandelic Peel
  • Expected Result: Decreases pore size, improves skin texture and reduces redness

Acne-Prone Skin and Premature Aging

  • Recommended Peel: Glytone by Enerpeel 50% Pyruvic Peel
  • Expected Result: Corrects fine lines, wrinkles, acne blemishes and dark spots

Chrono- and Photo-Aging, and Moderate Hyperpigmented Skin

  • Recommended Peel: Glytone by Enerpeel TCA LP Peel
  • Expected Result: Improves hyperpigmented skin, fine lines, small scars, coarse wrinkles and leathery skin texture

Mild-Moderate Photo-Aging of Eye and Lip Area

  • Recommended Peel: Glytone by Enerpeel Eye and Lip Peel
  • Expected Result: Increases firmness around eyes and lips and reduces dark spots, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles

What are chemical peels

Glytone and Chemical Peels in Toledo, Ohio

Want to learn more about which Glytone peel is right for you? Call us at 419.473.3257 to schedule a consultation or appointment—plus, be sure to browse our other cosmetic services! You can also stay up to date on special offers by giving us a ‘Like’ on Facebook!