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What Is An Angioma?

An angioma is a red “bubble” spot on the skin that is actually non-cancerous growths where several tiny blood vessels have clustered in an abnormal way. There are several types of angiomas, including cherry angiomas, a type of angioma associated with aging. 

What Is an Angioma? | Anders Dermatology

So, how do angiomas form, and what is the best cherry angioma treatment? 

Development of Angiomas

Angiomas can either be developed over time, or the patient may have been born with the skin condition. They can be located anywhere on the body and typically aren’t a concern. Usually, angiomas aren’t removed unless they cause discomfort or bleed. But, if you’re uncomfortable with your angiomas or they’re affecting your self-image, the experts at Anders Dermatology can help you remove them—safely and effectively. So if you’re looking to combat angiomas, take a look below at our recommendation for the right cherry angioma treatment. 

Cherry Angioma Treatment 

To start, the important thing to always remember is that you should never try to remove angiomas at home. This can lead to excessive bleeding, scarring—or even infection. It’s important that a professional removes all angiomas. 

And while there are a number of angioma treatment options, the specialists at Anders Dermatology recommend laser treatments. You can address your angiomas with a more precise, comfortable, and non-invasive solution with impressive results.

Cherry Angioma Treatment | Anders Dermatology

The Top Laser Treatment Option

The Excel V combines two powerfully precise lasers that target and eliminate both vascular concerns and benign pigmented lesions. The treatment is done with little to no downtime, and most trouble spots can be eliminated after one treatment. Larger areas, though, may take additional sessions for complete removal. 

This laser-based treatment can help resolve any discomfort and insecurity around your angiomas and help eliminate the signs of aging associated with cherry angiomas.

Angioma Treatment in Toledo, Ohio 

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