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Spider Vein Causes and Treatments

Spider Vein Treatment Toledo

Are you one of the many people who have noticed leg or facial spider veins appearing under their skin? Don’t stress—while unsightly, these veins aren’t typically associated with any serious medical conditions. Read on to learn why you may be developing spider veins and how they can be eliminated.

Why Am I Developing Spider Veins?

Unfortunately, the appearance of spider veins is oftentimes something you can’t control—forming as a result of genetics (a history of blood clots or circulation issues that run in your family), hormonal changes or aging. Obesity, prolonged sitting or standing and medications such as contraceptive pills can play a role in the development of these trouble veins as well—and while these are all potential causes that you could change, be sure to speak with your doctor before making major lifestyle adjustments.

While you may not have complete control over all the causes of spider veins, you do have the power to remove this unsightly imperfection.

Treating Spider Veins

The treatment of spider veins could be as simple as switching medications, wearing compression stockings or making an effort to become more active. Throughout your day, try taking a break to stand up and walk around, or take a seat and prop your feet up. These changes can promote healthy blood circulation and prevent the development of more spider veins.

Dermatologist Toledo Ohio

Spider veins usually aren’t associated with serious medical conditions—but if you notice they become uncomfortable or painful, you should see a professional. But if your veins are harmless, and lifestyle changes haven’t made a difference, there are laser treatments available to help you quickly and effectively reverse the effects of poor blood circulation. Our technology, the excel V™, can treat a number of skin imperfections.

Removing Veins with the excel V

The excel V is an advanced aesthetic laser designed to treat vascular concerns such as veins, as well as benign pigmented lesions. Depending on the severity of your condition, treating skin imperfections with this laser typically takes only one session! This laser is designed to provide you with a comfortable treatment experience, requiring little to no downtime.

Interested in learning more about the excel V or other treatment options? If you’re located in Toledo, Perrysburg, Sylvania or the surrounding area and have been looking for a way to treat your spider veins, contact us by calling 419.473.3257. Be sure to view our monthly specials for deals on our treatment options!