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Say Goodbye to Facial Hair with Dermaplaning

Removing unwanted fine hairs can be troublesome and sometimes painful. Facial hairs are small but can cover most areas of your face and create problems like clogged pores from build-up of dirt and oils. If you’re seeking a way to safely and painlessly remove unwanted facial hairs and clear out your skin, take a look at dermaplaning!

Benefits of Dermaplaning | Anders Dermatology

What is Dermaplaning?

You may be wondering what is dermaplaning, and how is it any different from shaving? Simply put, dermaplaning is a facial hair removal procedure that includes cleansing the skin, then delicately scraping the surface of your skin with a scalpel to remove fine hairs. The treatment also clears out hair follicles to avoid the possibility of debris build-up.

Such small hair follicles are prone to collecting dirt and bacteria, which can cause skin blemishes. Using an exfoliant helps remove dead skin cells and clear out impurities, but sometimes it’s not enough to completely refresh your skin. While it’s always important to exfoliate your skin for the brightest, healthiest look, receiving a dermaplaning procedure takes your skin care one step further.

The Many Benefits of Dermaplaning

With any procedure, you want the experience to be fast and painless. Fortunately, dermaplaning is a quick and painless procedure with lasting results. Receiving a dermaplaning procedure not only helps in removing unwanted fine hairs, but it also removes dead skin cells resting on the surface of your skin, helping to promote skin cell regeneration and giving your skin a smoother, more youthful look. 

Gently Remove Facial Hairs | Anders Dermatology

Dermaplaning procedures give you healthier, more radiant skin with results typically lasting 4-6 weeks. And, there is no downtime post-procedure, which means you can go about your day immediately after!

Ready to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair?

The professional aestheticians at Anders Dermatology are trained in giving you a quick and painless way to achieve your smoothest and healthiest skin through dermaplaning! With no time needed for recovery and virtually no downsides, the dermaplaning procedure is the perfect way to remove unwanted facial hairs and promote healthy skin growth for a luminous appearance. Let Anders Dermatology help you achieve clear, beautiful skin! Contact us today to schedule your consultation.