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Angioma Removal: The Laser Solution

Were you born with angiomas, or have developed them over the years? Learn about this imperfection and how the skin experts at Anders Dermatology recommend you have them removed.

What Is an Angioma?

Angiomas are non-cancerous growths made up of blood vessels that have clustered in an abnormal way. There are several types of angiomas, each appearing on the skin differently—and unfortunately, it is not known exactly how they form. These skin imperfections are usually harmless, but if you have any that are uncomfortable or affect your confidence, there are options to have them removed.

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How Can I Have My Angiomas Removed?

If you’re considering getting rid of your angiomas, please do not attempt to remove them at home. Doing so without a professional can lead to excessive bleeding, scarring and even infection.

While there are several methods of angioma removal, the specialists at Anders Dermatology prefer laser solutions. The excel V™ is a precise, non-invasive treatment option available to treat angiomas, as well as a plethora of vascular concerns and benign pigmented lesions.

If you were interested in removing your angiomas with the excel V, your skin specialist would examine your concern and suggest a solution. This laser treatment can typically address the targeted skin imperfection in a single session, but depending on the severity, more than one session could be necessary. A comfortable treatment experience—and impressive results with little to no downtime—are possible with the excel V!

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Laser Treatments in Toledo, Ohio

If you live in Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg or surrounding areas, and are interested in the laser solution for angiomas, call our office at 419.473.3257 to schedule a consultation today! Plus, be sure to visit our specials page for deals on our cosmetic treatment options.