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How Can You Rejuvenate Your Facial Skin?

Our skin can be affected by a number of things from genetics to the weather. Even if you have a set skin care routine, you may be seeking a way to refresh your skin. Let Anders Dermatology help! We offer facial treatment options for all types of skin and some of the best skin care products to help revitalize and restore your skin’s natural, healthy glow. 

Facial Treatment Options | Anders Dermatology

Refresh Your Skin with Clinical Facials 

You can medically treat your skin with a clinical facial! Clinical facials are different from spa facials because they allow for treatment of sun damage, acne concerns and overall skin imperfections. A clinical facial includes powerful cleaning, toning and exfoliating to reveal glowing skin with a clear complexion. Here at Anders Dermatology, we offer clinical facials for all skin types and can customize our formula to best address your skin concerns. No matter the season, you can always benefit from a clinical facial for maximum skin rejuvenation!

What are Chemical Peel Benefits?

common and safe procedure to remove skin imperfections and give you a fresh start is a chemical peel! Chemical peels are a fast and effective way to remove dead or damaged skin cells, allowing for healthier, younger-looking skin. Anders Dermatology offers Glytone® by Enerpeel, a line of specialty chemical peels that treat a variety of skin concerns. Chemical peel benefits include improving fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing skin’s texture and treating acne scars. If you’re seeking a way to give your facial skin a healthier, more youthful appearance, look into chemical peels!

Improve Skin’s Texture with Microneedling

Microneedling is a unique, mildly invasive procedure that helps to treat common skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores. During microneedling, a number of fine needles perform light penetration on the outermost layer of skin, triggering a natural rejuvenation process.

Although it may sound scary, this procedure is painless and causes no bleeding or damage to the skin. The benefits of microneedling also include treating scars and stretch marks, while stimulating collagen production to help increase the skin’s strength and elasticity. Anders Dermatology offers microneedling with the Rejuvapen, a safe and comfortable tool that gives you the best results for healthier skin!

The Best Skin Care Products

Along with our effective skin care treatments to help refresh and revitalize your skin, Anders Dermatology also offers some of the best skin care products to keep your skin hydrated, youthful and bright!

  • Obagi Nu-Derm®– Dig deeper and treat the cellular level of the skin to improve tone and texture for healthier, younger-looking skin with products from the Obagi Nu-Derm line.  
  • Glytone®– For proper exfoliation, check out the Glytone collection of skin care products! This line of skin care can help smooth, clear and even your skin tone, resulting in a more luminous look.
  • Skinmedica®– NouriCel-MDS’s innovative formula blend can help give your skin a boost for a noticeably improved appearance and firmness. 
  • Avéne® – Avéne products are made with perfectly balanced mineral spring water from the Cévennes Mountains in the southwest of France. This product works well on normal to sensitive skin to help soothe, heal and soften. 

Anders Dermatology also offers a number of other products that can help all skin types and concerns. We can help you address all of your skin care needs to help you achieve fabulous skin!

Chemical Peel Benefits | Anders Dermatology

Ready to Give Your Skin a Treat?

Interested in a facial treatment or top skin care products for a refreshed look? The expert staff at Anders Dermatology can help you set up a customized plan to give your skin a healthy, revitalized boost. Contact Anders Dermatology today at 419.473.3257 to set up your consultation! And, don’t forget to check out our monthly specials!