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Kybella™ Can Help Eliminate Your Double Chin

Excess skin fat underneath your chin can be difficult to remove, even with diet and exercise. Luckily, there are treatment options to help slim down your neck and remove that appearance of a double chin.

Kybella for Double Chins | Anders Dermatology

What is a Double Chin?

The term double chin comes from the appearance of excess fat that hangs below our natural chin. Also called submental fullness, double chins can make us appear aged and create insecurities. Excess fat can come from a number of things like poor diet or lack of exercise, and genetics can sometimes play a factor, as well.

While a great option for reducing fat on the body is a healthy lifestyle, like a good diet and regular exercise, sometimes it’s not enough to completely clear stubborn areas of fat like below the chin; however, there are treatment options for double chins that are long-lasting and effective in giving you that slimmed down appearance you are searching for.

Kybella™ for Double Chin Treatment

If you haven’t heard of Kybella™, it’s a minimally-invasive injectable treatment option to remove excess fat in tricky areas like below the chin. This FDA-approved synthetic gel is made from deoxycholic acid, which our livers naturally produce, and helps break down excess fats. 

Remove Excess Chin Fat | Anders Dermatology

Kybella treatment takes about 15 minutes, and patients will receive an average of 15-20 injections. Results can typically be seen after 2-4 treatments, and while there is no downtime after receiving Kybella, it may take some time for your body to fully absorb the gel. Kybella is a great double chin treatment option for those who are struggling to remove extra fat.

Discover Double Chin Treatment with Anders Dermatology

Anders Dermatology offers the double chin treatment, Kybella, to help slim down your neck with fast results. If you are looking for a treatment to remove that stubborn excess chin fat, contact us to learn more about Kybella!