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Dermatologist-Approved Brown Spot Treatments

Brown spots are common skin imperfections that can form on any area of the body. Also referred to as age spots, dark spots, sun spots or liver spots, this pigment can develop as a result of sun exposure, aging and genetics. No matter what has caused the appearance of this pigmentation on your skin, there are several brown spot treatments you can choose from. Learn about the options you have at Anders Dermatology—and how they work!

Brown Spot Treatments Toledo

1. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that help remove dead, damaged skin cells and clear the skin of imperfections. Specially-formulated chemical preparations are applied to the skin, causing the top layer to peel off. The chemical formulas used also promote new cell growth, resulting in a smooth, clear layer of skin. At Anders Dermatology, we offer the following chemical peels to help treat brown spots:

  • The SkinMedica Vitalize Peel® is designed to address uneven skin tones, correcting any changes in pigment as well as sun damage.
  • Glytone by Enerpeel® Glycolic Acid is available in different strengths (30%, 50% and 70%), designed to exfoliate, rejuvenate and improve signs of photodamage.
  • Glytone Professional by Enerpeel® Pyruvic Acid 50 is a peel that helps enhance skin tone and clarity by decreasing the appearance of dark spots.
  • Glytone Professional by Enerpeel® TCA-LP addresses moderate hyperpigmented skin and pigmentary irregularities, also improving skin with rough texture.
  • Glytone Professional by Enerpeel® Eye and Lip helps what most people may be unaware of—dark spots in the eye and lip area. Correct mild to moderate photo-aging, dark spots and even dark circles with this peel.

During your appointment at Anders Dermatology, your concerns will be discussed with a specialist and a chemical peel recommendation will be made depending on your goals and skin type.

2. Laser Treatments

Brown spots and sun damage can also be corrected with non-invasive laser treatments. While they may seem intimidating, the newest technology is designed to safely and effectively address your concerns without going under the knife! For correcting pigmented skin, Anders Dermatology offers the excel V™—a precise laser that delivers consistent and sustained energy to the skin. Brown spots and several other imperfections can be treated on all skin types, requiring little to no downtime. For added comfort, this laser delivers contact cooling during the procedure.

Like chemical peels, you’ll want to discuss your concerns with a specialist before deciding which laser treatment is best for you.

3. Microneedling

Also known as microchanneling, microneedling can treat multiple conditions in addition to sun spots. A microneedle roller is used to create small pathways for a rejuvenating solution to be infused in the skin. By creating these microchannels, the skin is forced to repair itself and stimulate new collagen production, resulting in renewed skin free of pigment.

Anders Dermatology Toledo

Brown Spot Treatments in Toledo, Ohio

If you’re interested in eliminating sun spots and pigment on the skin, schedule an appointment with Anders Dermatology by calling 419.473.3257. Our specialists will examine your skin, outline your goals, and recommend the best treatment option. Be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook to keep up on monthly specials and updates as well!