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Can Port Wine Stains be Treated?

A port wine stain is a discolored spot on the skin that is typically present at birth. These marks are not painful, but they can darken with age and cause the skin to become thick and rough.

Patients who are self-conscious about their skin discoloration, or even parents who are concerned that their child may develop an insecurity, may wonder if port wine stain treatment exists—and what options are available.

What Causes Port Wine Stains?

As mentioned, port wine stains typically do not cause any medical concern—they are simply an imperfection. However, patients do wonder why they have this feature to begin with.

Port Wine Stain Treatment | Anders Dermatology

To start, port wine stains cannot be prevented in any way, and they are not a result of anything the mother did ‘wrong’ during pregnancy. They are completely random—oftentimes not even associated with genetics. This imperfection forms due to an abnormality of tiny blood vessels that are permanently dilated, or too big for the skin. This is what causes a red patch on the skin, which can darken into a purple color with age.

What Are the Options for Port Wine Stain Treatment?

Before considering treatment options for skin imperfections such as port wine stains, schedule a dermatology appointment. It’s important for you to see an expert for a skin exam and cancer screening before deciding on your own! Your skin condition may contain other abnormalities that you don’t feel or notice, and it’s vital for them to be detected as soon as possible. After getting the clear from your dermatologist, you’re safe to explore port wine stain treatment options!

excel V | Anders Dermatology

At Anders Dermatology, we rely on a non-invasive laser to safely address several vascular and pigmented concerns. The excel V™ can treat a large range of unwanted skin abnormalities, from facial and leg veins to brown spots and rosacea! Its precise lasers target unwanted skin concerns, and thanks to a contact cooling feature, discoloration can be effectively eliminated without discomfort. Treatment sessions with the excel V are much faster than those of other lasers, and smaller areas can typically be addressed with a single treatment. But keep in mind that larger, more severe areas may need multiple sessions to achieve complete removal.

Addressing Cosmetic Skin Concerns

Are you one of the many patients who would like to eliminate skin discoloration such as port wine stains? To learn if the excel V is right for you, call us at 419.473.3257 to schedule a consultation! If you’re not ready to commit to laser treatment, our dermatology experts can provide you with a skin exam, cancer screening and even product recommendations. We’re helping patients in Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg and surrounding areas reach their skin care goals.

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