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The Bare Facts About Dermaplaning

Curious about a dermaplane but not sure what you’re getting into? Learn how this exfoliation treatment can give you a glowing complexion with no downtime!

The Bare Facts About Dermaplaning - Anders Dermatology

What Is Dermaplaning All About?

A dermaplane can encourage skin health and improve appearance. Although it sounds similar to dermabrasion, dermaplaning is a completely different exfoliation procedure—one that’s much easier on your skin. During a dermaplane facial, an aesthetician cleanses your skin, then lightly scrapes the skin of the entire face with a surgical-grade scalpel, much like shaving. This process gently removes dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (better known as “peach fuzz”).

There Are Practically No Downsides to a Dermaplane Treatment.

Dermaplaning carries little to no risk! Unlike other treatments, such as chemical peels, there is no downtime. No need to avoid the sun, wait to put on makeup, or worry about when to schedule your dermaplaning before a big event. You can have a dermaplane facial over lunch and coworkers will notice nothing but a glowing, fabulous complexion! Dermaplaning is also safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as it does not use chemicals that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and transferred to a growing baby. The only minor risk with dermaplaning is the occasional nick—just like with normal shaving. The key to avoiding this is to visit an experienced aesthetician or skin care specialist.

The Benefits of Dermaplaning - Anders Dermatology

The Benefits of Dermaplane Are Numerous!

Since the removal of dead skin encourages skin-cell turnover and new growth, dermaplaning can even out skin tone on the face. Fine vellus hairs can trap dirt, oil, and other foreign particles, so their removal encourages cleaner skin. And don’t believe the myths—these hairs do not grow back any darker or thicker!

Dermaplaning leaves a radiant complexion that more easily absorbs moisturizers and creates a smoother “canvas” for applying cosmetics. In fact, some makeup artists recommend dermaplaning because the removal of dead skin cells helps in the application of makeup!

Anders Dermatology offers dermaplaning, along with a variety of other skin care treatments. Take the first step toward achieving your ideal complexion—contact our office to find out if dermaplaning is the right option for your unique needs.